How To Manage Roof Damage From Hail Storms?

How To Manage Roof Damage From Hail Storms?

Trusting experienced roof repair services for all storm damage repair requirements is one way to guarantee you get the best roof hail damage repair. Following a violent storm, the main worry is if the storm left behind any damage that could have led to leaks or other problems inside the house. You can choose a hail damage repair san antonio to fix the roof damage on your house.

Evaluate the Hail Storm’s Intensity

Knowing how intense a hail storm was will help give you a sense of any potential roof damage. Hailstones can range in height from less than half an inch in thickness, about the size of a dime, to several inches in thickness, about the size of a tennis ball or golf ball, and occasionally even larger, during storms. The potential harm to a roof increases with the size of the hailstones. If the hailstones are less than half an inch in diameter, they could cause minor cosmetic damage to your roof, such as tiny fractures, or they could cause a few missing shingles.

Visually inspect your roof to check for hail damage.

Once the hail storm is gone, one of the easiest ways to evaluate any roof damage is by working a visual examination from the ground. Glance up and search for loose and missing shingles, signs of roof discoloration, and wood exposure. Choose a hail damage repair san antonio to restore your home’s roof. Take a closer look at your roof using a pair of binoculars. If your property has an attic, bring a look at your shelter from the inside, checking for any evidence of water leaks or sunlight exposure.

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Inspect Your Siding for Any Hail Damage

Look for signs of fading and dents in your siding, just like you did with your gutters. Hail is particularly damaging to siding made of vinyl. This check can indicate that your roof requires a more thorough inspection by a professional and will assist you in determining whether there is any damage to your roof. It will also help you gauge the severity of the hail storm.

Make a roof inspection request.

Your initial visual inspection may lead you to the decision that it’s time to have a local roofing contractor check your roof, especially if there are indications of significant hail damage. These specialists can examine your roofing materials, chimney, roof flashing, and gutters more closely because they are experts in the field. A roofing pro will be able to identify the extent of damage, if any, and provide advice on what steps to follow. The best part is that you might not even have to pay for a roof check.